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2014 November


"In a world where we have a vested interest in seeing violent conflicts curbed and seeing suffering prevented - America needs peacekeeping to work. But precisely at this moment, when we recognize this crucial role that peacekeeping can play in shoring up U.S. interests, our demands on peacekeeping are outstripping what it can deliver. Today, we are asking peacekeepers to do more, in more places, and in more complex conflicts than at any time in history."

2014 October


In the last two weeks, you've seen the previous record of co-sponsors for a Security Council resolution broken on two occasions. On the Ebola resolution, where as you know we had 134 co-sponsors - nearly double the prior record of co-sponsors - and then the foreign terrorist fighter resolution passed at the summit that President Obama chaired where we had 104 co-sponsors. So, you see the United States helping to put the weight of the international community into the kinds of collective actions that transnational problems require.

2014 September


The trend lines in this crisis are grave, and without immediate international action, we are facing the potential for a public health crisis that could claim lives on a scale far greater than current estimates and set the countries of West Africa back a generation. Because of the increasingly grim situation, particularly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the United States has requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council this Thursday, September 18th.

2014 August


Ambassador Power helped kick off the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit by hosting a discussion on the Open Government Partnership featuring senior government officials and leading civic society leaders from the African continent. The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit is the largest event any U.S. President has held with African heads of state and government - featuring nearly 50 heads of state and thousands of business and civic leaders committed to chartering a path for a stronger, more prosperous and peaceful Africa.

2014 July


"As grave as the situation is now - and it is indeed grave - it can get worse. If the fighting persists, it will. Humanitarian conditions will continue to deteriorate. More civilians will suffer. And more innocent lives will be lost. The only solution is an immediate ceasefire. This could not be more urgent or more important, given the devastating consequences of the violence for civilian populations. That is why the United States will not rest until a ceasefire is achieved and the underlying issues fueling the conflict are addressed."


No family - Palestinian or Israeli - should have to live in perpetual fear of being unsafe in their own homes. No children - Israeli or Palestinian - should be kept awake at night by the sounds of rockets and gunfire, or to be prevented from going to school because it's too dangerous to venture outside. No people want to live like this. It is outrageous that they are being forced to.