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2013 November


If you don’t have women in the peace process and actually part of the solution, the peace processes themselves are going to be fragile, because it is not representing the people who know what’s going on in a community and who are looking out for the welfare of their people…If you’re a consequentialist and you want to see a peace process work, you better have women at the table.

- Ambassador Samantha Power


“This Council, and like-minded countries around the world, have to exert influence on all parties to end preventable suffering and the deaths of innocent civilians. For this to happen, each of us has to use the leverage that we have over those that would deny aid or reject the terms of last month’s Presidential Statement. We have seen what the Assad regime can do when it is held accountable, and indeed what this Council can do when it is united…”

- Ambassador Samantha Power

2013 October


“For a full century, the ADL has upheld the principle of non-acceptance – non-acceptance of bigotry; non-acceptance of harmful stereotypes; non-acceptance of bullying; and non-acceptance of lies. Given the current state of the world, that is a lot to fight against but the ADL has never shied away from dreaming big.”

-Ambassador Samantha Power

2013 September


If implemented fully, this resolution will eliminate one of the largest previously undeclared chemical weapons programs in the world, and this is a chemical weapons program – I don’t have to tell you – that has sat precariously in one of the most volatile countries and in one of the most horrific civil wars the world has seen in a very long time.

-Ambassador Samantha Power


"I know what side of history I want the United States of America to be on. We are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges with you – firm in the belief that all men and women are in fact created equal, each individual possessed with a dignity that cannot be denied. That is why we look to the future not with fear, but with hope. That’s why we remain convinced that this community of nations can deliver a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world to the next generation."

- President Barack Obama