Legal/Paralegal Issues

The United States Mission's Host Country Affairs Section is proud of its record in attempting to find solutions to problems occurring between members of the United Nations diplomatic community and private individuals or businesses or government agencies in the tri-state area.

From time to time, a few Permanent Missions or their employees find themselves unable, for a variety of reasons, to meet their financial obligations in the United States. Often this takes the form of inability to pay rent to landlords or bills to medical institutions. Because diplomats and diplomatic missions are able to invoke immunity from jurisdiction of local courts, and because diplomatic property and bank accounts are inviolable, creditors are welcome to seek the assistance of the Host Country Affairs Section, which will use its good offices to assist them in obtaining an equitable solution.

The Host Country Section also serves as liaison between the diplomatic community and government agencies to explain and ensure that the latter uphold the host country's obligation to respect diplomatic immunity and inviolability, but also to ensure that members of the diplomatic community understand federal, state, and local laws and regulations and respect and comply with them.