Accreditation and Registration

The Host Country Affairs Section of the United States Mission to the United Nations is responsible for the recognition of the individuals who are accredited to the United Nations both at the Permanent Missions and Observer Offices to the United Nations and at the United Nations Secretariat and related Organs and Agencies. These individuals are accorded either full diplomatic privileges and immunities or "functional/official acts" immunity, i.e., immunity only with respect to the performance of official duties. Host Country Affairs issues Department of State Diplomatic and Official identifications cards to eligible members of the United Nations community. The Section is also responsible for editing the Diplomatic List, Permanent Mission to the United Nations: Officers Entitled to Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities.

Select United Nations Protocol (use link above) regarding instructions on the registration of personnel at the United Nations Permanent Missions and Observer Offices, and their family members. The United Nations Office of Protocol should be informed of changes and updates to previously registered information, such as addresses, visa status and changes in official designation.

Identification Cards
Department of State diplomatic identification cards are issued to eligible diplomats, their spouses, and their children (between the ages of 16 and 21). A dependent child's eligibility may be extended to age 23 if he or she is a full-time student at an institution of higher learning. Official identity cards are issued to members of the support staff of the Permanent Missions who are nationals of the sending government and hold G visas. Dependents of the support staff are not entitled to Department of State identity cards.

Office of Foreign Missions
Select New York Regional Office or e-mail for programs regarding motor vehicles (license plates, titles, driver licenses), customs clearances, tax exemption eligibility and property leases and purchases.

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