Host Country Section

"73rd UNGA Briefing Book"    "73rd UNGA Arrivals Departure Briefing"

The United States Mission’s Office of Host Country Affairs assures that the obligations of the United States to the United Nations Organization and to the UN community in New York are upheld.  The Office also serves a variety of important liaison functions between the world’s largest and most prestigious diplomatic community on the one hand and federal and local government agencies, businesses and private citizens on the other.

Some of the Office’s most important services to the United Nations community include:

•             Airport arrival, departure and diplomatic “special” aircraft overflight and landing
•             Accreditation and registration evaluation and assistance
•             Employment authorization program assistance
•             Legal and/or paralegal assistance
•             Parking and other municipal or local issues assistance
•             Security, safety, and law enforcement coordination and cooperation assistance
•             Treaty obligations
•             U.S. representation on the U.N. Committee on Relations with the Host Country
•             Visa services for registered members of the official UN community in New York
               having valid visa status