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Ethics Office:

The UN Ethics Office, established in 2006, serves the UN Secretariat including duty stations in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi as well as all the regional commissions, peacekeeping operations and special political missions. The office is responsible for administering the financial disclosure program, providing confidential advice to staff, conducing outreach on ethical issues, develop standards and education, and the protection of staff against retaliation for reporting misconduct or cooperating with authorized audits and investigations.

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Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ):

The Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, or ACABQ, is a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly, and consists of 16 members appointed by the Assembly in their individual capacity. The major functions of the Advisory Committee are: (a) to examine and report on the budget submitted by the Secretary-General to the General Assembly; to advise the General Assembly concerning any administrative and budgetary matters referred to it; to examine on behalf of the General Assembly the administrative budgets of the specialized agencies and proposals for financial arrangements with such agencies; and, to consider and report to the General Assembly on the auditors’ reports on the accounts of the United Nations and of the specialized agencies. The functions and responsibilities of the Advisory Committee, as well as its composition, are governed by the provisions of Assembly resolutions 14 (I) of 13 February 1946 and 32/103 of 14 December 1977 and rules 155 to 157 of the rules of procedure of the Assembly. The program of work of the Committee is determined by the requirements of the General Assembly and the other legislative bodies to which the Committee reports.

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American Citizen Employment :

International Organization Careers exists to help these organizations recruit highly-qualified candidates for professional posts, to assist Americans interested in such employment opportunities, and to promote American representation in these organizations. As the largest financial contributor to the United Nations and most other international organizations, and because these organizations execute multilateral development and assistance programs important to U.S. policy, the U.S. government has a vested interest in the composition of their staffs.

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Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) in the UN System:

Following revelations of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) by aid workers in West Africa in 2003, the United Nations General Assembly Fifth Committee formally requested the Secretary-General to issue a bulletin on SEA, to serve as policy guidance for the organization, and to report to the General Assembly on its implementation. In response, the Secretary-General issued his first report entitled “Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse” in 2004, and has continued to submit these reports to the General Assembly annually. These reports include proposals and actions by the Secretary-General to uphold the UN’s zero tolerance policy, and reporting on all allegations of SEA. In recent years, these reports have outlined the progress and impact of initiatives undertaken to prevent and address SEA, and have increased transparency on individual allegations. The Secretary-General’s annual report for 2015, for the first time, included the nationality of uniformed personnel alleged to have committed sexual exploitation and abuse. In the 2016 annual report, this transparency was expanded to include allegations reported against non-UN forces.

The Secretary-General’s reports on SEA can be found here:

Conduct and Discipline Unit Misconduct Tracker:

The UN’s Conduct and Discipline Unit, tracks and reports on misconduct (including sexual exploitation and abuse) by all categories of UN personnel in operations. In addition to the Secretary-General’s annual reporting on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, detailed information on all allegations of misconduct in UN field missions is regularly uploaded to the Conduct and Discipline Unit’s website.

The CDU’s website can be found here:

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