Government Accountability Office Reports

Renovation of the UN complex:
United Nations Renovations: Original Scope Reduced and Project Over Budget, but Lessons Learned Could Improve Future Projects 05/14/2015
United Nations Renovations: Best Practices Could Enhance Future Cost Estimates 07/25/2012
United Nations: Renovation Still Scheduled for Completion in 2013, but Risk to Its Schedule and Cost Remain 07/30/2009
United Nations: Renovation Schedule Accelerated after Delays, but Risks Remain in Key Areas 04/09/2008
Update on the United Nations' Capital Master Plan 02/15/2007
United Nations: Renovation Planning Follows Industry Practices, but Procurement and Oversight Could Present Challenges 11/16/2006
United Nations: Weaknesses in Internal Oversight and Procurement Could Affect the Effective Implementation of the Planned Renovation 06/20/2006
Compensation and Employment:
United Nations: Key Compensation Elements Should Be Reviewed to Address Costs and Sustainability 06/26/2014
HC-86-09: Property Tax Note 07/30/2009
UN Compensation: United Nations Should Clarify the Process and Assumptions Underlying Secretariat Professional Salaries 05/29/2013
U.S. Employment in the United Nations: State Department Needs to Enhance Reporting Requirements and Evaluate Its Efforts to Increase U.S. Representation 09/30/2010
United Nations Organizations: Enhanced Efforts Needed to Increase U.S. Employment at UN Agencies 08/01/2007
United Nations: Additional Efforts Needed to Increase U.S. Employment at U.N. Agencies 09/06/2006
Management Reform and Oversight:
World Health Organization: Reform Agenda Developed, but U.S. Actions to Monitor Progress Could be Enhanced 07/23/2012
United Nations: Improved Reporting and Member States' Consensus Needed for Food and Agriculture Organization's Reform Plan 09/28/2011
United Nations: Management Reforms and Operational Issues 01/24/2008
United Nations: Progress on Management Reform Efforts Has Varied 11/14/2007
United Nations Organizations: Oversight and Accountability Could Be Strengthened by Further Instituting International Best Practices 06/18/2007
United Nations: Management Reforms Progressing Slowly with Many Awaiting General Assembly Review 10/05/2006
United Nations: Internal Oversight and Procurement Controls and Processes Need Strengthening 04/27/2006
United Nations: Procurement Internal Controls Are Weak 04/25/2006
United Nations: Funding Arrangement Impede Independence of Internal Auditors 04/25/2006
United Nations: Preliminary Observations on Internal Oversight and Procurement Practices 10/13/2005
United Nations Peacekeeping: Lines of Authority for Field Procurement Remain Unclear, but Reforms Have Addressed Some Issues 09/18/2008
Peacekeeping: Observations on Costs, Strengths, and Limitations of U.S. and UN Operations 06/13/2007
Peacekeeping: Cost Comparison of Actual UN and Hypothetical U.S. Operations in Haiti 02/21/2006